Self Calculating Macros – Hiker Menu Spreadsheet


This year I’m changing everything about my way of eating – macros is a whole new word for me. I’ve switched entirely to maintaining a state of ketosis about 95% of the time, still allowing for some favourite foods now and again. Figuring out my macros while hiking is important to me, as I don’t want to come up short or over-pack.


I am down almost 60 pounds in seven months. My endurance is greatly improved and it’s amazing to know I weigh less with a fully loaded pack than I did walking around the house at the beginning of this year.

The change it has made in my hiking life is significant. I eat less, I walk further without needing breaks. I don’t bonk and I don’t see myself changing this way of eating any time soon.


Here is a quick and dirty self-calculating form I’m using to plan my first longer (five days, four nights) hike while maintaining ketosis.




Click here for downloadable self calculating form.



This is a pdf example of my five day menu.

Berg Hiking Trip 2018 – Keto – Sheet1 (3)




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