Campfire Breakfast Sandwich with Cheese & Bacon

Campfire breakfast sandwich with bacon, cheese and egg.
Campfire Breakfast Sandwich with Cheese & Bacon
I love food. So much. Seriously … I have the rear end to prove it too.
Honestly it’s one of the main reasons I hike. If I’m going to eat the way I like to eat I had to come up with an activity. 
Really, backpacking is just carrying your next meal around on your back for easy access.

And food cooked over the fire has to be one of my all time favourites. I love coming up with new ideas, the attention fire-cooking requires and the sweet, smoky taste.
On a recent car-camping trip I discovered first-hand the convenience of canned dough baked over the fire on a stick. I’d seen the Pinterest posts. I knew it could be done, I just had never tried.

It really does work well.
I quickly moved on from wrapping dough around a stick and dipping it in cinnamon sugar. This past camping adventure I discovered the camp-fire breakfast sandwich.
Over a mellow fire, I warmed a small frying pan and added a bit of butter before adding a square of canned crescent dough. Mmmmm buttery dough …
Fried crescent roll dough over the fire.
I kept the fire low enough that it took 3-5 minutes per side to brown up. That way it would cook through nicely without burning on the outside. If it seems to be getting too warm, too quickly, just pull the frying pan a little to the side. Fry up two pieces and set aside.
Next up was a giant, light brown free-range egg.
One farm fresh fried egg.
This is the only time I’m okay with breaking the yolk … for sandwiches only.
Once the egg is cooked through, I added some shredded cheese and fresh bacon bits.
And, of course … Bacon!


Build your sandwich and enjoy!  

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