Coffee With A View

Mar 26, 2016 7:29 AM
Duration (Total) 2h 20m 8s , Distance 5.7 km
It’s a lot icier out than I expected, I would have been smarter if I had worn cleats.
-Tracked by SBphotography, on Ramblr
A quick trip out my front door and up to the lookout using Hinton Mountain Bike Association maintained trails. We’re a lucky bunch up here.
Hiking the many kilometres of mountain bike trails near Hinton, Alberta, Canada. Thanks to the Hinton Mountain Bike Association.
A lot more ice than I anticipated.
How awesome are the signs though? Yay for volunteers.
Just before this I biffed it hard on the ice.
I love my view of the Rockies.
Best coffee shop in town.
The GSI French Press is my favourite trail coffee option.
Best view.
When you realize you can’t take pictures with your left hand and your pot is right-hand pour.
I used my quilt to insulate my coffee.
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