Complete Backcountry First Aid Kit – Solo Female Hiker

*Disclaimer – I’m not concerned about ultralight when it comes to my first aid kit – your mileage may vary


My sons are both emergency responders, being prepared is just what we do. When I asked my EMT son to put together a first aid kit for his mama you can imagine, it was a request taken seriously. LOL.


Note: I originally had this all together in one pouch but it became too bulky for the day pack so I split it.

Now I have a smaller ‘day use’ first aid kit kept in a Ziploc and the ‘holy-crap’ emergency-type items are vacuum sealed into a Foodsaver bag.

My day kit is still fairly substantial with the understanding my day hikes can still put me hours from help or cell service. In fact, I’ll sometimes still bring both on long day hikes.


In The Day Pack


  1. Cotton balls and swabs
  2. Gravol
  3. Imodium
  4. Advil, Tylenol and Benadryl
  5. Large bandage
  6. Leatherman Squirt
  7. Rubber gloves (3)
  8. KT Tape (4)
  9. Afterbite (2)
  10. Alcohol wipes (2)
  11. Tweezers
  12. Duck Tape
  13. Lighter
  14. Regular bandages (6)
  15. Knuckle bandages (2)
  16. Whistle
  17. Antibacterial Wipes
  18. Moleskin

The Extras

  1. Hand warmer
  2. Water purification tablets
  3. Alcohol wipes
  4. Steri-strips (3 packs)
  5. Burn pad (2)
  6. Wet ones
  7. Bandage
  8. Large abdominal pad
  9. Crazy Glue
  10. Sponge (2)
  11. Splint
  12. Elastic Tensor
The extras all sealed up!


This will be the kit I take while hiking The Berg Lake Trail … check out this post for a full trip report.


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