Garden Wednesday

If you’ve paid attention, this post didn’t really happen on Wednesday, as promised. 
But the photos were taken on Wednesday … so I’m calling it a win.

The Wave Pansies from Deb’s Greenhouse are starting to trail. Love ’em.
Super happy that I moved this barrel down from the front corner. 
Also super happy with the purple theme I’ve got going on in it.
I moved a bunch of the smaller containers down under this group of trees. 
The one in the back is suffering, that pot is not draining properly and I have to do something about it.
I’m really hoping to see some hummingbirds at these Fuschias this summer.
It really does look like I was in a purple mood when I was flower shopping this year.
I’ve noticed I’m short on orange though. Remember that for next year.
The strawberries are kicking in.
And the raspberries are filling in the front bed nicely.
Not photographed, but there are a few flowers coming through.
Yes, the Boxwoods are still in their pots…
A photo for comparison of the front bed over time.

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