I did it … I have all my stuff.

I had a bit of a moment the other day.
I have all my stuff.
I am ready to go back country hiking.
I never would have guessed, at the beginning of the year, that this is where the year was going to take me.

Over the years my interest in back country adventures has reared its occasional head but then always it has taken a back burner.
There were the years as a child when I watched my dad plan his canoe trips. I loved the combination of OCD planning and hippyish lifestyle that on one hand seem to be at odds with each other but on the other mesh so very well.
There was the almost trip planned up Mt. Robson to Berg Lake … I can’t even remember why that one didn’t happen.
I spent my days hiking and hanging out at the lake with the boys as children.
Finally, this year, things have fallen into place.
I have been patient, I have waited, I have planned, plotted and researched. I have learned so much from Facebook groups full of experienced hikers, I’ve bought the gear I needed and then some. I lost weight and got into better shape and I found someone with the same outlook as I have.
Things are falling into place. 


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