Juice, potato chips and sour cream …

Glow Juicery and Maligne Lake
As many of you know, Jax (over at Cooking with Jax
and I are on a fitness kick. 
As a matter of fact, today is our 100th day of fitness … 
but that’s another post altogether.
We’ve come up with some good ideas for keeping the fitness bug alive, and some maybe-not-so good ones. 
Those kettle bell workouts never really did kick off and I never got around to clearing out the basement so we could use my exercise equipment. 
So when the following conversation happened who knew we would actually follow through?
Jax: “We should do a juice cleanse.”
Me: “Sure … hey we could do it to coincide with the end of our 100 days of fitness.”
Jax: “Let’s do it.”
Me: “Sounds great!”
Wait, what? Was that me? Sounds made up.

I may be paraphrasing a little, but that’s essentially how it went.
Let me clarify something … 
even when I’m eating healthy I eat meat … 
red meat … and lots of it. 
In fact my version of healthy eating also includes unlimited ice cream and the occasional cheat of dill-pickle potato chips dipped in sour cream (don’t judge me until you’ve tried it). 
A juice cleanse is not something I would have seen myself doing at any time. Ever. I love food.
I first balked at the idea that I’d have to buy enough produce to make enough juice to live off of for three whole days. 
I live in small-town Alberta and that wasn’t going to be cheap.
On top of that I was trying to estimate the amount of time it would take to prep all that food, juice it, portion it out and … clean the juicer.
I hate dishes. 
It was going to be a deal breaker … I could still get out of this, I could.
And then Jax sent me links to companies that create the juices and organize them into pre-arranged cleanses and ship them right to your door … oh. 
Turns out I was doing a juice cleanse. Go team!
Thanks to Marc over at Nature: Healer of the Soul for the pic!
We decided to go with as local a company as we could find … Glow Juicery … they’re right in Edmonton and they offered a ‘beginner cleanse’ that appealed to me because I had no idea what I was doing. Also, they were willing to make my juices without ginger, to accommodate a food allergy, which I really appreciated.
In a nutshell, a juice cleanse is supposed to supply your body with all the nutrient richness that comes from fresh, raw fruits and vegetables in a medium that is super easy for your insides to digest. Therefore giving said insides a rest from all of the crap that, say, dill-pickle-chips and sour cream puts in there.
Supposedly that rest allows the organs to filter out some of the crap all that food has left behind and make you a healthier human.
I’m not sure I buy all of the hype I’ve read about juice cleansing in the last few weeks, but I can’t deny I dump a lot of artificial ingredients into my body and that just can’t be good for it. 

I was actually looking forward to the cleanse.

We were sent an email with instructions on how to prepare for our upcoming cleanse a few days before and it gave great advice on how to prepare.
I started taking a few of the real bad and nasties out of my diet in the couple of weeks prior – processed sugar went away for a week. I also cut down on coffee the week before and I tried eating more fruits and veggies to prepare the system for what was coming its way. 
But, when it came to day one there was a little bit of a kerfuffle and we ended up starting unexpectedly on a Friday morning.
But wait … I wasn’t ready … I still had chips to eat and sour cream to dip!
However, I was committed and on last Friday morning Jax and I cracked our first juice. 
Ener-G Glow … spinach, cucumber, pear, celery & chlorophyll. Sounds nummy?
Truth be told, I liked it a lot. It tasted like fresh, just fresh. The texture was also totally fine with me. Odd, because I get orange juice without pulp because of texture issues.
Each day was six juices plus, because it was a beginner cleanse, one big salad. 
Hot water and lemon was to replace my beloved coffee. I was not convinced.
I’ve met me, so I know the best way for me to succeed is to be well prepared. I made up all three days worth of veggies and lemons on Day 1. No excuses.
I have to tell you, I was never hungry. In fact, on all three days I couldn’t even finish my salad.
The avocado helped because of the ‘creamy’ texture.
I didn’t change my routine at all either. I was so sure that I was going to be ‘weak from hunger’ or have ripping headaches from the lack of caffeine. But none of this happened. 
Although I have to admit that there was one moment when I thought I might leap across two small children and twenty feet for a man’s coffee on day one. 
But the moment passed and I survived.
My one, major side effect of the cleanse was … I had to pee … a lot. I was taking in a lot of fluid compared to my regular diet and with no potato chips to hold up the system, I guess it was to be expected (I know you’re wondering, so I’ll just go ahead and say it … hardly pooped at all, turns out when you remove all the insoluble fibre from your diet, this happens).
I went hiking and to the lake. I stayed busy. I think the heat really helped, as my appetite was low anyway. But I did not struggle with this.
Granted, I had preferred juices, but only one was hard for me … it turns out I really, really am not ok with beets. So now I know.
My favourite juice was Citrus Glow with orange, lemon and coconut water.
At the time of writing I am on day six … three days after I finished … and I still haven’t had coffee, sugar, red meat or any crap food. For the past three days I’ve eaten fruit, salad, steamed veggies, chicken and some salmon along with some nuts and seeds. 
I’m sure I’ll return to coffee sooner rather than later but I will definitely take a couple of life lessons away from this experience. 
I no longer have the “it’s too hard” excuse for not eating my junk food. It’s not too hard as long as you are giving your body what it really needs.
There has to be some benefit to removing preservatives and processed food from your diet once in a while. How can there not? Now that I know I can do it, I will do it more often.

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  1. you definitely make me smile when I read stuff like this. So open and honest about everything and I love it! if I don't win I am definitely going to have to go and get a cleanse for myself

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