Kayaking Jarvis Lake

So, today, I slayed a personal demon. 

I have had two kayaks for a long time – as in years – but haven’t been out in almost three years due to doubt. 

Doubt is stupid. 

I lost confidence after hurting my back. I had myself convinced I couldn’t do it anymore without hurting. Better to stay at home.

But, after renting a kayak while on vacation and realizing that I could paddle on the ocean I decided I was being dumb. 

I pulled them out from their resting place and spent the week getting them cleaned out. 

Holy moly what a mess they were. They actually had algae growing in them they had been sitting so long.

I had no idea if they were still sea-worthy, however, they had been stored properly and were well sheltered so I had high hopes. 

This morning Allison and I took them to Jarvis Lake in Switzer Park and gave them a last rinse and tested their water-worthiness. 

I am thrilled to report they work just fine and I still remember how to kayak.

For our first outing we made our way up the east arm of Jarvis Lake all the way to Kelly’s Bathtub. 

Almost 6.5kms on our first trip out!
We weren’t confident enough to bring our cameras out in the boat, but I will next time. 

In fact, next time is going to include bringing lunch, maybe even  packing a day-pack and hiking off the side of a lake somewhere.

So many more adventures to come!

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