Pretty damn good day.

There are so many things about today that made me happy that they just needed a quick blog post of their own so I don’t forget.

The morning kicked off day 22 of Cooking with Jax and my ‘walking every day’ adventure. I dare say that the 21-days-to-a-habit rule has been proven to a certain extent since even on days when we don’t meet quite as early, we’re still waking up at the same time. Stupid brains, stupid.

It also means that for the last three weeks I think I have seen more of Jax than my husband.

The good news is thanks to my improved cardio, energy levels and general mood the time I have spent with Jason would be what I consider to be pretty high quality time …

Yah, that’s right, I went there. I’ve only just started people, have you seen what I write about in the paper? Imagine no filters.

I, personally, can’t wait to wake up one day and read my first drunken blog post. Luckily there’s only once or twice a year where that might become reality.

Anyway, enough with the tangents. Right at the beginning of our walk we crested a small hill and although it was cold enough to see our breath the sun shone through the trees all golden and warm and in that way that just makes you close your eyes and turn your face to the light through instinct.

Our walk took us along the creek, it flows freely now, it’s banks layered with thick, dirty ice that is slowly but surely losing it’s battle to exist.

At the boardwalk the clear, blue sky reflected in the open water that now dominates Maxwell Lake and you could hear the geese calling. Another moment to just stop and take it all in.

A pretty decent day at work was made better by free lunch and enough walking to hit my 10,500 goal before I even got home.

After a quick visit with Jason … (no, not that kind of visit, get your mind out of the gutter … seriously people, where do you come up with this stuff?) … an evening photo assignment gave me an excuse to log a major step day so I threw the camera bag over my shoulder and headed off to the Valley on foot.

Another beautiful walk took me past the dreaded ‘steps’ I have mentioned in previous posts. I flipped them the bird, I can’t lie. They’ll repay the favour on our next stair day, I’m sure.

And then I got to do one of my favourite things …

I adore taking photos of performers, particularly musicians, and Greg MacPherson is my favourite type of performer.

He moves.

It sounds silly but it’s true. Not only was his music fantastic, but when he plays his arms move, he covers even a small stage from side to side, he jumps and he feels. That means the best photos ever.

I never shoot the first couple of songs of a performance, instead I let them get warmed up and I watch to see what expression it is I want or which body movement – calculating the best angle for light etc. Then sooner or later during the performance something catches my attention and I grab the camera and start shooting (I almost always take a few from my seat to get the settings right and then I’m up).

Shooting is my therapy.

It’s late, so I’m wrapping this up.

I walked home. I did not wuss out and ask for a ride from a friend. Instead I marched my way up under the overpass and I didn’t slow down either. Something that was unheard of three weeks ago. And I finally topped 20,000 steps in a day.

And for that I thank Jax. Thanks for keeping me accountable. There’s no telling how many times I would have bailed if I didn’t know you were thinking the same thing.

And walking home, facing the mountains as the sun went down didn’t hurt my feelings either.

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