Sarah’s Excellent Exercise Adventure

Prepare yourself for the latest update in the Sarah gets healthy adventure!
Short recap … I’ve had goals, I’ve missed goals, 
I’ve achieved goals and I’ve continued to slog on.

Obviously, I couldn’t be happier with the general trend since the beginning of February.

Actually, slog is not a fair word – thanks to the exercise I’ve been enjoying myself a lot more than I have in the last couple of years.
I’ve been getting up early in the morning and going for walks before work in a quest to get an allotted step count for the day (I’m up to 15,000 per day) and I believe I mentioned stupid o’clock in an earlier column.

There’s a collection of us that go, and the combination of exercise and camaraderie is seriously up-lifting.

I missed a scheduled walk the other day and a strange thing happened … I felt awful. I barely moved that day. I even left work early so I could barely move at home. It was weird. I spent my time thinking about how that day’s level of sloth was no different than the many days in a row of sloth that I participated in before this little adventure. Exactly how awful was I feeling and thought it was normal?

So, I’ve learned my lesson. Now, when the alarm goes off at pre-stupid o’clock I no longer lay there thinking of excuses not to go… I just have to think about how I felt when I didn’t and I haul my butt out of bed and get on it.

I’m logging approximately 5-7kms each morning (except for STAIRS DAY and, yes, it must be said in capitals at all times) and recently added a loaded backpack to some of them for extra work. Yes, extra work, at stupid o’clock. Who am I?
I am rediscovering a love for hiking that I forgot I had.
This connects well with past columns about being an empty nester … so many changes happen in those last couple of years before the kids move out that you don’t even realize until you’re looking back on them.

I used to hike with the boys all the time. A quick flip through old photos reveals pictures of us on this trail and that one, packs strapped to our back, walking sticks in hand. But as they grew older, and the juggling of multiple jobs and life schedules happened, those days spent hiking went away and we didn’t even notice.

Now I’ve found a few good friends who are just as eager to get out and hike and I’m so glad I have.

The first thing I had to do was go buy a new pack. My first hike was with old faithful, a hiking pack I’ve had for nearly twenty years, but the old girl wasn’t cutting it anymore.
I picked up some newfangled thing with bells and whistles and the best back-sweat-prevention ventilation system I have ever seen … trust me, I need it.

So now when you see me around the boardwalk with a twenty pound pack on my back don’t worry, I’m not overpacking for the dangers of the beaver habitat … I’m in training. That’s right, you heard me, I’m in training (I just like saying it twice).

I have a goal. In 2015 I want to back-country hike. I want to hike in to a remote location and camp out of my back pack.

No phones, no cars, no computers, no worries.
And the thing I’m most excited about … my boys want to come with me.

Oh and in case I haven’t mentioned it in the last five minutes … one is a firefighter and one is an EMR so it’s kind of like they were training for this too.

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