My happy place. 
Holy moly. I’m late, but I’m done. 

I finally planted all of my planters, beds, barrels and baskets for the yard. 

It turns out there’s 30 of them, I may be getting carried away.

I might not have the garden blog anymore, 
but I love having the blog entry for reference through this year and next.

Bear with me, it’s a lot of photos.

My herb planter. I decided to go ahead and get the pre-made mix from Canadian Tire again.
This planter is one of my favourite garage sale finds from last year.
Came over all the way from England.

Once the cool wave pansies hit the market last year I knew they were going to be a favourite of mine. They trail down in planters and hanging baskets like a dream.

I planted the majority of what you see in these photos, bought at Canadian Tire, on May 31, and just had the chance to swing by Deb’s Greenhouse this past weekend to finish off with more of the same but in some really nice colours.
I don’t care about colour coordinating. To me, all flowers go together.
So here are some hot, hot pink petunias with some happy, happy, happy yellow pansies.
Like last year I stuck with the cool wave pansies and petunias. 
Same mixture in the other planter on the deck.
Pansies and petunias are both full of colour, cold weather tolerant and 
so forgiving of a missed watering that it’s a no brainer for me.
This hanging basket is from Deb’s Greenhouse. I wish I could have bought more,
but they wouldn’t have fit in the car, which is probably a good thing.

If you have the chance, go visit Deb. It’s getting late in the season and the greenhouse will close in the next few weeks, but her raspberry U-pick will start up in August. 
When I stopped by she knew me by name, even though I have only met her once in person, last year. Her husband knows what he’s talking about too.
I can’t wait to see how long these blooms trail.
My Cool Wave pansies from last year were so impressive.
I’m done with messing around with different varieties or worrying about whether my plants need to be covered or brought in.
This is a new addition for me this year. A hanging strawberry.
I’ve already pulled a couple of berries off it.
It’s always funny to see the random sunflowers sprout up,
planted by the one of many squirrels.
This bed has some old tulips from earlier in the year and the raspberries are coming in really nicely.
The two pots up front have Box Woods in them.
I intend to plant them down along the fence, as a privacy screen.
This is the third year for my rhubarb in a pot and it’s done well.
Yellow pansies are my favourite.
I can see them from the kitchen window and they just look happy.
The purple is new for me this year.
But I like how it contrasts with the yellow.
I finally moved this barrel down from the front corner.
Nothing ever did well up there, it was too exposed.
So we’ll see how this does.
All that’s missing is a fairy garden … just sayin’.
This barrel has some double flowering cool wave petunias in it,
never had them before.
Can’t wait to see how they turn out.
There, that one.
I have a feeling they’re going to be really pretty and girly.
Happy yellow everywhere.
Still in love with my garage sale purchase form last week.
This is another new addition.
I love fuschias so much but they’re usually expensive.
I was going to splurge on one, because they were marked $34.99 at Canadian Tire.
It rang through at $14.99 so I got three more.
Since they are a shade flower, they are perfect under the deck.
I would love nothing more than to have these attract hummingbirds this year.
I’ve yet to successfully get them to visit the yard.
This planter is also from Deb’s Greenhouse. Last year it was full of herbs.
Watch for an update in a couple of weeks.

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